I started playing golf 30 years ago and was immediately hooked. It was not only a  fun, healthy activity played in the great outdoors, I loved the camaraderie that I felt. Golf is a key component of the business world. Business is about relationships; relationships are absolutely created and/ or strengthened on the golf course. Equally important, this ageless activity provides the opportunity to forge friendships and strengthen personal relationships. Golf has remained such a positive aspect of my life and I want to share it!

It’s no secret that the world of golf is predominately male; women are typically ‘held outside the circle’. After a notable experience while trying to purchase a set of clubs, I felt at a disadvantage because of my gender. The encounter made me realize that I wanted to create a place where no one would ever feel intimidated, thus OnPar Now was born.

If you’ve been playing for years or never picked up a club, we have the team and technology to help you improve your game or get you started on the right foot. Enjoy a round on our TrackMan Simulators, practice your short game before hitting the course, or have a lesson with our golf professional. 

At OnPar Now we live by the edict that everyone should have the opportunity to embrace this sport in a welcoming environment. We have set out to create an inclusive space where we can build a community centered around all of the positive attributes of the game: confidence, focus, patience, camaraderie, and fun! I can’t wait to see you.

Golf Pro + Master Club Fitter

Certified in TrackMan, and Science and Motion Sports, in addition to being a Master Club Fitter with over 20 manufacturer certifications, Rhiannon’s passion is, in a word, Golf. Rhiannon got her first taste of this sport at the age of 12; progressing to the Mt. Lebanon High School team where she assisted with winning their 1st WPIAL title, to captaining her Gannon college team, top 10 in the nation for D2 golf where the team won the PSAC championship.

When Rhi isn’t golfing she can be found spending quality time with family and friends, getting in a workout at OrangeTheory with her fiance, and adding to her sneaker collection.



Founder + CEO

Jan left her 30 yr. career in corporate America, where she focused her energies on systems, business processes and developing her team, to follow her dream and make OnPar Now a reality. A champion of others, she is excited to have this opportunity to inspire women and men of all ages to participate. Fitness, good nutrition and staying active have been an integral part of her life – golf in particular has been a passion since her first swing. Using OnPar Now as a voice, Jan hopes to get more women involved in the game and help them embrace the positive benefits that she has experienced from golf.

Jan enjoys taking class at Meraki Studio or running alongside the Allegheny River. Golf and kayaking are 2 activities that speak to her soul. Jan has twin sons, both amazing young men! She and one son live in the Strip District with their black Labradoodles, Bonnie & Clyde.

Business Manager

Susan is all about people; empowering them is her passion. With her genuine patience in an autistic support program in a local school district, Susan endeavored to create the best possible environment to help students realize their full potential. Highly regarded, she was recommended for and became a union steward, a testament to her character. Susan now brings these innate abilities to OnPar Now, where she will focus on customer service and operations.

Susan has raised two lovely daughters and currently lives in Monroeville with her husband, Doug, and their adorable dog, Cooper.

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