Our Master Club Fitter will guide you to the correct heads, shafts, and grips based on her in-depth TrackMan Pro analysis of your swing. Already have equipment? We follow the same process as with new fittings to make adjustments on clubs you already own, having a dramatic effect on your game and enjoyment!

OnPar Now has a full build shop, equipped for regrippings, repairs and loft/lie adjustments for irons and putters. Our putter fittings are done using the industry leader, Science & Motion SAM PuttLab. Our Master Club Fitter is an expert at interpreting the 28 key parameters captured, leading to THE best putter selection for you and your stroke.

Many vendors have experienced significant shipping and distribution delays due to COVID-19. At this time, availability varies by club type; please contact us for specific information on clubs and fittings.